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Prof. Yuan Lin




Dr. Lin joined the University of Hong Kong in 2008 and is currently Professor in Department of Mechanical Engineering.






















Dr. Lin obtained a MS degree in Applied Mathematics and a Ph.D degree in Solid Mechanics from Brown University in 2008.





































Dr. Lin received the BS and MS degree in Engineering Mechanics from Tsinghua University in 2000 and 2001, respectively.








































Selected Publications


F. Sun, C. Fang, X. Shao, H. Gao and Y. Lin*. 2023. A Mechanism-Based Theory of Cellular and Tissue Plasticity. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 120: e2305375120.

X. Shao, Y. Zhang and Y. Lin*. 2023. Cyclic stretch-regulated wound healing. Biophysical Journal. 122: P2381-2382.

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H. He, X. Wei, B. Yang, H. Liu, M. Sun, Y. Li, A. Yan, C. Tang, Y. Lin* and L. Xu*. 2022. Ultrastrong and Multifunctional Aerogels with Hyperconnective Network of Composite Polymeric Nanofibers. Nature Communications. 13: 4242.

C. Fang, J. Yao, Y. Zhang and Y. Lin*. 2022. Active chemo-mechanical feedbacks dictate the collective migration of cells on patterned surfaces. Biophysical Journal. 121: 1266-1275.

D. Wu, Y. Hou, Z. Chu, Q. Wei, W. Hong and Y. Lin*. 2022. Ligand Mobility-Mediated Cell Adhesion and Spreading. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 14: 12976-12983.

L. Wang, Y. Hou, T. Zhang, X. Wei, Y. Zhou, D. Lei, Q. Wei, Y. Lin* and Z. Chu*. 2022. All-Optical Modulation of Single Defects in Nanodiamonds: Revealing Rotational and Translational Motions in Cell Traction Force Fields. Nano Letters. 22: 7714-7723.

Z. Yan, X. Xia, W.C. Cho, D.W. Au, X. Shao, C. Fang, Y. Tian and Y. Lin*. 2022. Rapid Plastic Deformation of Cancer Cells Correlates with High Metastatic Potential. Advanced Healthcare Materials. 11: 2101657.

Y. Hou, J. Jing, Y. Luo, F. Xu, W. Xie, L. Ma, X. Xia, Q. Wei, Y. Lin,* K.H. Li* and Z. Chu*. 2022. A Versatile, Incubator-Compatible, Monolithic GaN PhotonicChipscope for Label-Free Monitoring of Live Cell Activities. Advanced Science. 9: 2200910.

H. Liu, H. Li, Z. Wang, X. Wei, H. Zhu, M. Sun, Y. Lin and L. Xu. 2022. Robust and Multifunctional Kirigami Electronics with Tough and Permeable Aramid Nanofiber Framework. Advanced Materials. 2207350.

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C. Fang, X. Wei, X. Shao and Y. Lin*. 2021. Force-mediated Cellular Anisotropy and Plasticity Dictate the Elongation Dynamics of Embryos. Science Advances. 7: eabg3264.

X. Wei, C. Fang, B. Gong, X. Shao, F. Sun, J. Qian and Y. Lin*. 2021. Time-dependent response of bio-polymer networks regulated by catch and slip bond-like kinetics of cross-linkers. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. 147: 104267.

W. Yuan, H. Wang, C. Fang, Y. Yang, X. Xia, B. Yang, Y. Lin*, G Li* and L. Bian*. 2021. Microscopic local stiffening in supramolecular hydrogel network expedites stem cell mechanosensing in 3D and bone regeneration. Materials Horizons. 8: 1722-1734.

X. Wei, C. Fang, B. Gong, J. Yao, J. Qian and Y. Lin*. 2021. Viscoelasticity of 3D actin networks dictated by the mechanochemical characteristics of cross-linkers. Soft Matter. 17: 10177-10185.

X. Shao, M.H. Sorensen, C. Fang, R.C.C. Chang, Z. Chu and Y. Lin*. 2021. Maturation of neural cells leads to enhanced axon-extracellular matrix adhesion and altered injury response. Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology. 8: 621777.

T. Zhang, L. Ma, L. Wang, F. Xu, Q. Wei, W. Wang, Y. Lin and Z Chu. 2021. Scalable Fabrication of Clean Nanodiamonds via Salt-Assisted Air Oxidation: Implications for Sensing and Imaging. ACS Applied Nano Materials. 4: 9223-9230.


H. Liu, C. Fang, Z. Gong, R.C.C. Chang, J. Qian, H. Gao and Y. Lin*. 2020. Fundamental Characteristics of Neuron Adhesion Revealed by Forced Peeling and Time-Dependent Healing. Biophysical Journal. 118: 1811-1819.

C. Fang, F. Zheng, J. Yao, X. Wei, C. Fu, X. Shi and Y. Lin*. 2020. A Model for Bridging Microtubule Dynamics with Nuclear Envelope Shape Evolution during Closed Mitosis. Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids. 144: 104116.

H. Lee, Z. Gan, M. Chen, S. Min, J. Yang, Z. Xu, X. Shao, Y. Lin, W.-D. Li and J.T. Kim. 2020. On-Demand 3D Printing of Nanowire Probes for High-Aspect-Ratio Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 12: 46571–46577.

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Z. Gong, C. Fang, R. You, X. Shao, R.C.C. Chang and Y. Lin*. 2020. Forced peeling and relaxation of neurite governed by rate-dependent adhesion and cellular viscoelasticity. Extreme Mechanics Letters. 40: 100902.

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Z. Gong, C. Fang, R. You, X. Shao, X. Wei, R.C.C. Chang and Y. Lin*. 2019. Distinct Relaxation Timescales of Neurites Revealed by Rate-dependent Indentation, Relaxation and Micro-rheology Tests. Soft Matter. 15: 166-174 (Journal cover article).


Z. Gong, S.E. Szczesny, S.R. Caliari, E.E. Charrier, O. Chaudhuri, X. Cao, Y. Lin*, R.L. Mauck, P.A. Janmey, J.A. Burdick and V.B. Shenoy*. 2018. Matching Material and Cellular Timescales Maximizes Cell Spreading on Viscoelastic Substrates. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA. 115: E2686-E2695.

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Before 2017

Q. Zhu, F. Zhang, A.P. Liu, J. Qian, C. Fu and Y. Lin*. 2016. Shape transformation of the nuclear envelope during closed mitosis. Biophysical Journal. 111: 2309-2316 (Featured article).

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