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Research Projects

1. Mechanics of Bio-polymer Networks

2. Mechanical Cell Plasticity

3. Collective Cell Migration

4. Novel Devices for Biomedical Applications








Mechanics of Bio-polymer Networks

Many biological materials and cell cytoskeleton can be treated as a network of biopolymers interconnected by a variety of crosslinking molecules. We are conducting both theoretical and experimental investigations to reveal the regulation of physical characteristics and binding kinetics of cross-linkers, as well as the network architecture, on the bulk response of such materials. These knowledge are then used to help us explain how cytoskeleton performs its duties in different cellular processes as well as develop high performance hydrogels/aerogels for various biomedical applications.










Mechanical Cell Plasticity

Cells need to undergo irreversible deformations during important processes like embryo development, tissue morphogenesis and cancer metastasis. Our research focuses on revealing the mechanisms by which plastic strain accumulates in living cells, elucidating its role in these aforementioned processes and developing novel methods for characterizing the plastic response of cells .













Collective Cell Migration

To execute biological duties such as wound healing and tissue morphogenesis, cells possess the amazing capability to move in a coordinated manner over a time-span of hours and a distance much larger than their individual size. Through combined experiment and theoretical modeling, we want to reveal how collective cell migration is influenced by key factors like intercellular or cell-ECM adhesion, substrate viscoelasticity, spacial confinement and surface topography, as well as the mechanisms behind.

Novel Devices for Biomedical Applications

We are also developing different Bio-MEMS and Bio-microfluidic devices for drug/gene delivery, cell sorting, disease detection and mechanical characterization purposes, as well as explore their practical applications in working closely with our industrial and clinical collaborators.



















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