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Research Projects

1. Cytoskeleton Mechanics

2. Cell Adhesion

3. Novel Strategies for Disease Detection


Cytoskeleton Mechanics

The cytoskeleton, a dynamic network of biopolymers and their regulatory proteins, is responsible for stabilizing cell shape as well as generating forces to drive cell movement. We are conducting both theoretical and experimental investigations to reveal how the load bearing and force generation capabilities of the cytoskeleton are correlated with the network architecture and composition, as well as its designed biological duties.


Cell Adhesion

Adhesion is the primary way for a cell to anchor itself to extracellular matrix (ECM) which is essential for variou cellular functions such as cell migration, mechanosensing and proliferation. The molecular bonds formed by receptors, which are transmembrane proteins, and their counter-parts from ECM, called ligands, are responsible for the formation of stable adhesion regions, often referred to as focal adhesions (FAs).  We are interested in how FAs are formed as well as how they function and evolve during different biological processes.


Novel Strategies for Disease Detection

In utilizing state-of-the-art technologies such as micro/nano fabrication, microfluidics and atomic force microscopy, we are aiming to develop new strategies for the rapid detection and classification of diseases like cancer and Alzheimer's by precisely measuring/monitoring the physical response (including bulk deformability, membrane resealing behavior, injury response etc.) of corresponding cells.

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