The research group of Microfluidics and Soft matter.


The research group

There are 5 research sub-groups. We have currently 5 post-docterate fellows, 9 research postgraduate students and 1 research assistant.



The research group is housed in Haking Wong Building on the main campus.



Publication Highlights

"Generation of High-Order All-Aqueous Emulsion Drops by Osmosis-Driven Phase Separation"
  • by Youchuang Chao, Sze Yi Mak, Shakurur Rahman, Shipei Zhu and   Ho Cheung Shum*, Small, 14(39)  (2018)

"Dynamic regimes of electrified liquid filaments"
  • by Tiantian Kong*, Howard A. Stone*, Liqiu Wang, and  Ho Cheung Shum*, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(24), 6159-6164  (2018)

"Budding-like division of all-aqueous emulsions droplets modulated by networks of protein nanofibrils"
  • by Yang Song, Thomas C.T. Michaels, Qingming Ma, Zhou Liu, Hao Yuan, Shuichi Takayama, Tuomas P.J. Knowles, and  Ho Cheung Shum*, Nature Communications, 9, 2110  (2018)

"Fabrication of fibrillosomes from fibrillosomes from droplets stabilized by protein nanofibrils at all-aqueous interfaces"
  • by Yang Song, Ulyana Shimanovich, Thomas C.T. Michaels, Qingming Ma, Jingmei Li, Tuomas P.J. Knowles*, and Ho Cheung Shum*, Nature Communications, 7, 12934  (2016)

"One-step immunoassay of C-reactive protein using droplet microfluidics"
  • by Matthew Y.H. Tang, and Ho Cheung Shum*, Lab on a Chip, 16, 4359
  • Invited to be featured in the 2016 Lab on a Chip Emerging Investigators issue, which "celebrates the most promising and brightest amongst early career miniaturisation scientists around the world".


"Coalescence of Electrically Charged Liquid Marbles" 
  • by Zhou Liu, Xiangyu Fu, Bernard P. Binks, and Ho Cheung Shum*, 
    Soft Matter
    , DOI: 10.1039/C6SM00883F
  • Invited to be featured in the 2017 Soft Matter Emerging Investigators issue.

"Osmo-solidification of all-aqueous emulsion with enhanced reservation of protein activity" by Qingming Ma, Yang Song, Grit Baier, Christian Holtze and Ho Cheung Shum*, Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 4, 1213 (2016)


Open Positions

  • MSc in Mechanical Engineering
  • MPhil
  • PhD
  • Post-Doc

Contact Us

Prof. Anderson Shum

  • Email: ashum@hku.hk
  • Phone: (852) 3917 7904
  • Office: Room 7-25, 7/F, Haking Wong Building, The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Pokfulam, Hong Kong